Domestic Services

Our domestic network of courier and road freight services encompasses the entire country including an overnight service to the major centres in the North Island and South Island and 2-3 day Inter-island service for road freight.

The progress of our domestic shipments are tracked and all of our commercial customers enjoy 20th net EOM terms meaning a shipment in February doesn't need to be paid for until the 20th March. This can seriously assist your cash flow.

Also we can provide individual courier bags or tickets so you can buy what you need rather than having your cash tied up in a lot inventory.

Where most providers will make you purchase minimum amounts of tickets or bags, with us you purchase the amounts and types you require.

Specifically for our Auckland and Waikato customers, we also offer same day delivery between Auckland and Waikato for packages ready to be picked up before midday.

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Domestic Courier in Auckland New Zealand

Domestic Couriers

Our courier service is great for sending documents and smaller sized packages and parcels quickly with most shipments able to be delivered before 10am the following morning nationwide.

Domestic Road Freight in Auckland New Zealand

The two exceptions are rural deliveries, which have another step between the distribution centre and their final destination, and our special same day service between Auckland and Waikato for courier packages ready to be picked up before midday.

Courier charges are calculated on a per piece basis, using a maximum allowable weight or volume.

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Road Freight

Road freight is designed to move larger sized freight but can be economical for smaller shipments depending on the origin/destination (our intra-island shipments are moved between centres overnight).

Whilst many people believe road freight only becomes economical once you have shipments of a larger size, through our service you will find that even smaller parcels can be sent very cost effectively via this service.

Also as we offer an Express (48hrs) and Economy Inter-island road freight service you have a lot more choice about how you want your goods sent. Our Economy road freight service can be a very effective way of reducing the cost for shipments that are non-urgent.

Road freight differs from courier as your charge is not calculated per piece but rather by using the total weight or volume of your shipment.

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Domestic Courier & Road Freight in Auckland New Zealand
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