About A2logistics

A2 Logistics was originally established in NZ in 2008 by Adam Waterhouse. Today Adam still runs the company which has evolved considerably in size and number of employees from it's earlier days. Now from the main head office facility located in Snells Beach, North of Auckland, Adam leads an entire team of freight management professionals to take care of clients everyday, making their freight , transportation and investment much much easier. A2 logistics has also improved its business model and has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources. A2 logistics has paid out more than $26 million to its members and continues to grow.


A2 logistics is a certified registered company in New Zealand. Our services includes logistics: InternationalAirfreight (Import & Export),International Ocean Freight (FCL, LCL & Break-bulk),International Courier,Customs Brokerage,DomesticCourier (Overnight Nationwide,Domestic Road Freight,Logistics & Storage (Distribution, Order Picking and Warehousing),Crypto Currency Investment Management.


"Even if cryptocurrency is in a bubble, the trend could very well be toward cryptocurrency being an important medium of exchange and store of value in the future. If the current price is lower than the highest price we will ever see. That makes it a good long-term bet.


We are available for 24hr/7 to give support to all our investors and also to put them through on how to make investment, address any technical issues just with the use of User Dashboard Support Ticket System or make use of life chat with our representatives


We are global in services and investment. We invest anywhere in the world once we are able to see 100% assurance of our Profit Marging.


Our platform technology integration is well secure for both the company data and the users. We are reliable and efficient with amiable A2logistics IT Department.

Profit Margin

Our profit margin increases due to numerous investments that will put our resources on and our risk management forecast have always been in favor of A2logistics on the type of investment and trade we participate in.

Profit Generation

A2logistics we put in the investors capital it the maintenance and fuelling of automobiles and machineries and after each successful delivery we generate profit to pay our investors .

Investment Plans

2% Daily For 10 days Minimum deposit: 100USD Maximum deposit: 9,999USD
2.5% Daily For 10 days Minimum deposit: 10,000USD Maximum deposit: 99,9999USD
3% Daily For 10 days Minimum deposit: 100,000USD Referral commission

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